Brian and Mekela

brian & mekela DJ with photo

About Brian:


Brian Bishop has been waking up southern Oregon on the radio for more than 35 years.  (He insists he was only two years old at the time!)  A native Oregonian and graduate of Southern Oregon University, he had to abandon his first career goal—rock star.  His slow fingers, unsteady rhythm and marginal singing voice led him to believe he was better off talking.  His earliest radio days led him to country, and the love affair never ended.

Brian started writing song parodies with his brothers and cousins while picking strawberries, marionberries, hazelnuts and walnuts on family farms in the Willamette Valley, and has written and performed hundreds of parodies in his career, some of which have gained national attention on the CBS Morning News, the Dr. Demento Show and NBC Nightly News.  “Christmas in Takilma” about the “greenest” regions of southern Oregon has even been enshrined in the Josephine County Historical Archives.

In 2011 Brian’s wife, Angela gave him a ukulele as a Christmas gift.  The lure of only four strings and a slightly goofy sound to compliment his slightly goofy singing voice was too great to resist, and on April 1, 2012, Ukulele Friday was born.  “I’ve suffered for my music,” he commented. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Outside the realm of radio Brian is an incurable DIY guy, mostly on his “work in progress” 1962 house.  Shake his hand and you’ll almost always find a scratch, scrape or a band-aid.  He has played bass guitar in a several classic rock bar bands, and loves golf,  beer, wine and the Oregon Ducks (not necessarily in that order).

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About Mekela:


Mekela is the friendliest person you will ever meet! She claims she doesn’t know a stranger and that might possibly be true because of all her years working for The Human Bean where she was “picked up” and placed on LIVE radio with no prior experience! Dreams do come true! Mekela enjoys bringing you laughter and playing songs you can dance along to! There’s almost nothing better than a little car dancing! 😉

Mekela’s favorite things in life are her family, close friends, MUSIC, coffee and being completely ridiculous!

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Wake up with the Wolf with Brian and Mekela Rae, weekday mornings 6-9 a.m.